Electric Tribe Festival Bonaire

One Love, one tribe

Our Sponsors

Organizing a modern music festival, with big names in the line-up, is certainly not possible without the help of sponsors, especially if it’s a young event, like our Electric Tribe Festival.

On Electric Tribe II, the light and sound equipment is, just like in the first edition, provided by the highly professional and expert Tropical Events. Part of their costs is sponsored by themselves.

J.C. Herrera is the largest beverage, beer and liquor importer on Bonaire and they supply their premium beer brand Heineken to countless catering establishments on the island. Heineken sponsors products and provides financial support to the festival.

Rocargo Bonaire offers a wide array of services in maritime, import/export, moving and warehousing practice for individuals and companies. The management are enthusiastic festival goers and thanks to Rocargo we were able to get no less than Paul Sparkes from Great Britain for Electric Tribe II!

Digicel Bonaire has a variety of plans and services to meet your needs in the field of mobile internet and telephony. Thanks to the financial support of Digicel, the organization of the Electric Tribe Festival has succeeded in bringing the popular Aruban rapper Ataniro to the festival!

Coco Beach is one of the best beach bars on Bonaire and they helped us making it possible to add Nachtwerk featuring MC Don T. to the line-ups!

The foreign artists on the festival stay at Villa Aventura at Punt Vierkant – Bonaire, during their visit to our island and the owner of Aventura is sponsoring their stay. Villa Aventura can be rented as a holiday home and can accommodate up to 17 people!

AB Car Rental is the car rental company with the largest and best maintained fleet on the island. Their service, with ‘road call’ and airport pick-up, so that their tenants do not have to wait long lines for their rental car, is phenomenal. AB Car Rental is a sponsor of the means of transport of our foreign artists.